28 June 2013

Why should Humanists use Linux ?

Why should Humanists use Linux ?

Humanists are people working across the planet for Change; a Change that is within each one of them and a simultaneous Change that goes on spreading in the environment through more & more working for Change, selflessly, giving their best to others, without expecting anything in return.
In this work, Humanists reject all kind of violence, be it Physical, Economic, Psychological, Gender, Moral and even Internal (that manifests within the human being as Hatred, Anger, Greed, Resentment, etc.).

Humanists reject the economic model that is built based on the greed of a few and is implemented through violence on a majority of people.
Microsoft that gives out software products, is a known symbol of violence, because it grows by exploiting the economic levers of a sold-off-political-economic system.

On the other hand, Linux is built by a loose (but well-networked) team of over 2 million volunteers, working across the globe, voluntarily, giving out their best to the society without expecting anything in return.

Linux is rock-solid, used from a watch to rockets including the Space-station. Majority of global data, and 85%+ internet, including Google and Facebook work on Linux.

Linux also works great on Desktop.
OpenLX Linux offers you a free-to-download-and-share Desktop Linux that offers : Operating System - Office-suite - InterNet-Suite - Multimedia - Graphics - Games - Utilities and a lot more.

And yes, there are no Viruses and systems do not crash.

Isn't that more than what we usually need on a desktop computer ?

The similarity of spirit & passion of mission to change is the biggest reason that Humanists should use Linux, while rejecting Microsoft.
The above explanation also tell us that using Linux does not mean compromising on features, speed or anything else in terms of facilities made available by software applications.

Are you aware that Android (most probably your cell phone uses that) is a Linux product ?

Come over to https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kalculate/140778612789838
and go on to download OpenLX Linux - free for you and for everyone around you. Use it, Share it and enjoy your computing.

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