03 February 2012

Together, We Can ! Together, We Shall !

One after the other, the scams are coming out. Not only the new ones, but the deeper and more serious nature/level of earlier scams are coming out.

Like someone told me, after hearing today's Supreme Court's judgement :
" PMO officials make serious mistakes, but PM is held not responsible for it;
One minister does a scam, but the PM is help not responsible for it;
But, when the cricket team does not perform, the Captain is held responsible. Is it that the PM is not the Captain (leader) of the Government ? "

This shows a very negative feeling on part of the people. One after the other, the speakers on various TV programs talk about it, but nothing changes.

It is time that people take cognizance of the matter and take decisions.
It appears that our representatives (yes, they are our elected representatives, though they do not have 51% population's votes) have either lost the will be give us an Honest Government, or there is something worse than that - the will to mis-appropriate the people's resources.
Why is it that it takes the Supreme Court to tell them that they cannot sit on the application asking for sanction to prosecute those suspected of Corrupt practices ?
Why is is that the Supreme Court has to remind the Government of its basic duties towards the citizens ?

We think the time has come for responsible citizens to come forward.
It is time that, we, the common people, come out of our shells, out of our "meaningless running after money for survival", out of our "useless ambition of becoming rich", and take "responsible charge of our Lives, of our Country" and lead it to a situation of Dignity for all.

I, on behalf of the Humanists, invite you all to discuss this way forward and shape it immediately into a wave that will clean up the corruption (violence in all forms), creating exemplary life-style for others to look up-to.

As a Humanist, I pledge today to start a new phase of life that will be worthy of being a true Humanist.

And, simultaneously, invite you all to join me in this humble effort, so that, together, we can Humanize ourselves and our Country, our World !

Together, We Can ! Together, We Shall !

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