01 January 2012

Events of 2011 have challenged the present system, Do we cooperate with this Challenge or sit on the fence and watch?

A big Shift between last year 2011 and the coming new year 2012 is in the make:

After the experiments of Non-violence as a methodology of action, by Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, we have seen 2011 as the year of the Great Nonviolent Turning Point, without any leader.  Greater events may follow in the new year 2012 or in the following years to come. The  events in the year 2011—the population coming down to streets in big numbers, starting from Tunisia to Egypt, from Greece to Spain, from Chile to Jeju Island, from China and Russia and up to Occupy Wall Street in America—have marked a greater significance of growing qualitative shift in the direction of Peoples’ thinking.

For the Humanists of New Humanism, people of India, and the ruling few, the challenges are many and the opportunities that come up in these times of crisis brings us to a cross road where we can-not anymore avoid  making a choice to decide. Do we carry on as always as we have been or do we with energy (nerve) and imagination make a courageous change in our mental direction?

Here we can decide to make a crucial choice for a right option, which calls for a decision, commitment, and a new set of values in our personal life that can contribute for a collective meaning for our generation, or we can follow the traditionally accepted norms of life that ends up in total non-meaning.

This worldwide tendency that we have seen, in the year 2011, demands for a nonviolent change, asking us to make a choice between huge economical disparity and sustainable equality; between centralized decision making and democratic decision making (between oligarchy and real democracy); between the 98% peoples’ struggle for living and 2% peoples’ domination on 98%’s living; between oppression and freedom; between militarized culture and a non-violent civil society; between money, prestige, and power as central values and human being as the central value, etc. etc…

The change and the choice in front of us is not just a minor cosmetic one, but it is of magnitude that requires deep introspection and sacrifices in this moment of our life,  for the new world to be born for our future generations and a new civilization to come.

The question is: are we ready to make this jump?

Changes on this planet will not appear out of the blue. It requires Human Intentions. It requires deep transformation of personal and social consciousness. A willingness to give up certain notions, assumptions and believes about how the world is ordered. It requires a complete political change, letting go of deeply ingrained self-image and world-view. It requires a complete change in the fundamentals of today’s world order. It requires individual commitment to face the consequence of the new steps that will be taken from time to time.

The events of 2011 have challenged the present system, has challenged the present order.

Do we cooperate with this or sit on the fence and watch?

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