11 December 2011

Humanist Voice - www.humanistvoice.in - was launched today from Narhi Park

Thanks to all those who cared, the Humanist Voice -  www.humanistvoice.in  - was launched today from Narhi Park. (Though a very bad net-connection created issues, many persisted).

The Newsletter is alive now, a humble beginning and we invite you all to view it and become a part of it.

Taking note that the Politicians have taken the right to interfere in any/all fields of life, the Humanist Voice invites views/expressions in all/every/any field of life (and indeed beyond life) in any format (written, cartoon, picture, graphics, video, web-link), or a Press Release of your positive activity - its Invitation and/or report).

You do not need anyone's approval to get the material printed, though we are do have an editorial team. Just register yourself as an author and go ahead and submit your contribution. All content in the direction of building Universal Human Nation will be welcome.

You are welcome to encourage others to write/contribute content to Humanistvoice from across India as well as the world.
We have a wide variety of sections and categories that are divided into different menus. And, as we receive suggestions to increase/improve them, we will do that.

Surely, the content and its presentation can undergo many improvements and your suggestions will always be welcomed by us.

We welcome the members of HP across India and the world to take charge as the local correspondent of their place, and we welcome the members of all other Humanist Organisms to take such a role on behalf of their respective Organisms. Being a Political newsletter, we are at liberty to cover any/all topics under the sun, and, even beyond that.............

We welcome content in any Indian language sent in UNICODE FONT.

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