13 February 2011

Humanist Proposals (among others) being discussed

Dear Friends,
Here are some proposals that need to be discussed and adopted for inclusion to the Humanist Party's manifesto. Your views are welcome.

A). Elected Members :

1. The maximum age of any elected representative at any level will be 60 years.

2. The maximum age of a Minister (at any level : Center, State, Municipal, Village sarpanch) will be 50 years;

3. The maximum age of Prime Minister, Chief Minister will be 45 years;

4. The Humanist Prime Minister will be between 25 to 40 years of age;

5. The maximum age of the President of India will be 65 years.

6. There will be no pension for the elected representative. All pensions being given currently will be closed with immediate effect, from the date of formation of Humanist Government.

Note: Anyone who reaches this age, while in office (having been elected earlier), will be automatically resigned on the day of reaching this age;
No one can get elected to a seat more than once. The country of 1 Billion should be able to produce more leaders all the time. And, the leadership should not mean just the elected people.
The ego of power must be taken out of the "elected posts". These posts should signify "selfless service" instead of "uncontrolled power".

No elected representative will get any salary. Only the legitimate (pre-defined) expenses of working will be taken care of by the office through facilities. They are here to spend their full time for people as selfless service.

There will be no security to elected representative. If they are afraid of their lives, we will have protective custody jails for them.

Corruption: All property of all MPs, MLAs, elected to office from any party since the year 1970 will be confiscated. They will be given 30 days time (no relaxation or extension) to submit the income/wealth returns and proof of source of income of the whole family.
The details will be investigated by a special team, within 6 months and the judgement will come within 60 days of the last date of investigation. According to the judgement, their clean money & assets will be released. For the rest, due punishment will be given without any delay. These cases will be judged by a committee of clean judges and other members of a Lokpal board in a live-telecast case hearing, giving opportunity to anyone in public to give their inputs during the investigation of the cases.

Political Accountability:  Law of Political Accountability will be passed immediately. All manifestos will become registered agreements between the respective party and the people. The Party will be responsible/accountable to fulfill the promises, or face the law.


  1. Comments received from : Susan McCauley

    Hello Sudhir,

    Just read the recent posting.

    Would you please explain your thinking behind the age limitations.

    It occurs to me that there might be people ('elders') over those ages who have not been corrupted by the political/corporate programs traditionally in place and who might be able to contribute some hard-earned wisdom.

    In appreciation of your work,

    Susan McCauley
    My response :
    It is true that people of any age can make great contributions;
    It is also true that Humanists have respect for all people irrespective of their age;
    Humanists do not intend to dump old people, that is older than the suggested dates (suggested by some individuals);
    Humanists believe that the Government does not need just some elected members and some Ministers to manage the country. Precisely this notion is wrong and has been creating many problems as people run after being the elected members and ministers.
    We intend to convert politics from a profession to the highest form of social work.
    In Humanist politics, there will be a lot of work being done by those who are around the elected members and ministers and these people may even have more importance than the elected ones in many situations.
    The proposal is to develop a leadership that works based on team-work as the era of individual-heros is over now.
    In any case, let us discuss it with more views.

  2. I would suggest the following four points to be added:
    1. The Prime Minister & the President would not hold the office for more than two terms.
    2. The Prime Minister would be a members of the Loksabha. No backdoor entry would be allowed.
    3. All elected persons should have a minimum of 51 % of the votes cast.
    4. Voting should be compulsory except for the seriously disabled persons.

  3. 1. Please give your name and email ID for others to know who is writing. It helps.
    2. I agree to your proposals with the following additions :
    a). No one should be able to get elected more than twice, at any levels.
    b). Voting should be compulsory while ensuring that everyone can vote in a easy, simple, secure and fair manner without facing any kind of direct or indirect threat from any source whatsoever.
    Thanks for taking the matter forward.