13 February 2011

Humanist Party Blog

Welcome to the blog of the Humanist Party of India

This will also serve as our discussion forum, where all are welcome to propose their views for a Humanist India and to discuss these views with other participants.
Before we go forward, let us be clear that, here, we are talking about building a new India, based on No-discrimination and Non-violence. The Humanist Party is not a party built by a family, industrialist, a frustrated individual/group, a mafia or someone similar to that, but by a group of selfless volunteers working for a simultaneous personal and social change across the planet.
Humanist Party is built as a platform for the young future leaders to come forward and be able to give the right leadership to the country and the world.
Humanist Party - Is different !
Political Parties are launched by people of different backgrounds with a variety of purposes. They have different ideologies, while some have nothing to do with ideologies. They claim various motives and plans and history of the founders and make various declarations.
Apart from the aim of reaching power and ruling over people, they also have an issue of the "ego" of the founders in common. These founding members propose themselves as the ultimate leaders, the ultimate saviours of the people and promise the moon to people. Obviously, they promise all this on the condition of their reaching the power.
In short, they launch the parties to somehow (anyhow) reach the power.
Once they reach power, we all know, what they do. This is the basic root aspect of all these political parties across the world, irrespective of the culture, country, region, religion, gender, language etc. background of the founders.
The Humanist Party (HP) is different right from its roots.

HP was formed by a group of selfless volunteers. HP was formed to implement the strategy of the Humanist Doctrine that is based on Non-violence as its methodology) and No-discrimination as its main point. HP was formed as a platform for all selfless people to come together and lead the world to its next stage of existence.
While the volunteer members who have built the HP platform since its inception in 1984, have come and gone, have participated in different roles, no one has been presented as the ultimate "boss" or "leader" of the people so far, while all the energy has been spent in selflessly and voluntarily building the Humanist platform for the politically oriented selfless people.
HP aims an works to build the new collective-leadership that the world needs and this leadership will come from the young people who will recognize the potential of this platform as matching with their own aspirations of a Humanist world (a world that does not discriminate and provides a dignified life to all human beings, working through non-violence).
HP invites the young people of India to explore this platform as the platform of the fulfilment of their aspirations and come forward to become the leaders of tomorrow.

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