17 February 2011

Country or a Company ? The PM has answered !

The Prime Minister of India, Shri Manmohan Singh, in his interaction with the press yesterday has clearly told that the country is nothing but a corporate company to him.

In his statement giving himself 7 out of 10 marks, he has clearly shown his intentions of being the executive head of the company.

This tells us, once again, in clear terms, the intentions of his and his Government and the Party, as to how much they care for the country, by the way (for them), called India.

Obviously, he works for the share-holders and creditors of the company, who, in his views, would be none other than the IMF, World Bank, the US Government, the arms-suppliers (this includes the whole regime of MNCs which have been looting the Nation, thanks to his policies ever since he was brought to the National scene).

All the great people of India, be it Mahatma Gandhi or many others who dedicated their lives to achieve freedom from the violent-corrupt Bitish rulers, would be shamed by this scant respect that the Prime Minister of the free India has for the Nation. What happens to the last man of the country, which is now 82% of the population and lives on within Rs. 600 per month income ? Is Mahatma still our official "Father of the Nation" ?

Do we, the real owners of the country, care to change ?

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